Slack Community

In addition to our ‘official’ co-working meet-ups, we want to cultivate a connected community of remote workers around the Triangle to make it easier for you to organize smaller, more spontaneous meet-ups on your own, trade tips and recommendations, or just chat with cool people you’ve met at events. To that end we’ve started a Slack workspace for Triangle remote workers.

When you join, you’ll automatically be added to a number of public groups (most of which you can remove yourself from at any time). There are channels for organizing city-specific meet-ups (ie, “durham-meetups” or “chapel-hill-meetups”), where you can post something like “Hey, I’m going to Namu this afternoon if anyone wants to join.” There are also channels for sharing “tips-and-tricks” on the remote working lifestyle, giving or soliciting “recommendations” on things like good coffee shops, and “group-travel” for proposing group ‘workations’ to cities outside the Triangle. You’re also able to create your own public or private channels and direct message with other individual members.

To join the community, read the terms below then click the button below that. If the link doesn’t work for you, send a request to durhamremote1 (at)

By joining the workspace, you agree to the following:

  1. Always be respectful to everyone and keep the community free of any sort of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or insults.
  2. In public channels, try to keep postings on topic and relevant to the channel’s stated purpose.
  3. Do not post spam, ads or other promotional materials in public channels or to individuals – with the exception of things that would be relevant to the group in the “promotions” channel or legitimate opportunities in the “job-opportunities” channel.
  4. When taking things offline, like to independent meet-ups organized in the workspace or hanging out with individual members, please use discretion. We’ve never had any problems and have no reason to think your safety would be in jeopardy by meeting in public locations like cafes and restaurants, but be aware that we are not able vet members who join the community and are not responsible for any negative experience you might encounter – online or off.
  5. Those who violate the above ground rules are subject to removal from the community. If you encounter anyone who violates these rules, you’re encouraged to report it to the above email.

Great! Now that that’s out of the way, click the button below for your invite to our community. Look forward to hearing from you, and happy working!