How it works

We aim to connect remote workers in the area and help maximize the opportunities presented by being location-independent in the Triangle. There are few ways we do this:

Co-working and social meetups

About once or twice a week we have ‘official’ co-working meetups at cafés, breweries and other venues where you can show up, plop down with your laptop, and enjoy the company of “co-remote workers.” Sometimes they’re in the morning, sometimes the afternoon, and occasionally all day. We also hold regular evening happy hours, dinners, weekend activities, and other purely social events.

We rotate around different venues in the area and continue to increase the frequency and geographic breadth of these meetups. If you want to wait until we’re in your part of town to come to an event, great! But we encourage you to trek out to our meetups in other districts too so you can explore parts of the Triangle you might not otherwise check out.

The best way to stay up on upcoming events is to follow us on Meetup – which makes it easy to RSVP, see who else is coming, and get notifications on any changes.

Slack community

In addition to our ‘official’ co-working meetups, we want to cultivate a connected community of remote workers around the Triangle to make it easier for you to organize smaller, more spontaneous meetups on your own, plan group “workations” outside the Triangle area, trade tips and recommendations, post available jobs, or just chat with cool people you’ve met at events. To that end we’ve started a Slack workspace for Triangle remote workers. To join, click the “Slack Community” bar on the top menu, or click here.

Co-working retreats

A few times a year, we’ll pack up and get out of the Triangle to work and play in a beautiful new environment, whether it be the mountains or forested wine country to the West, or sunny coastline to the East. On these trips, you’ll live and work alongside a diverse set of other location-independent individuals…getting work done as you need to during the day and learning from each other, sightseeing and partying in the evenings and weekends. Learn more here.


About once a month, we’ll send out an email newsletter with events we have planned, good reads and thoughts related to remote working in the Triangle and beyond. After confirming, you’ll also instantly get our free PDF guide to the best remote working venues in the Triangle. To join, sign up here or in the form below. We’ll never pass on your information to any third party and you can unsubscribe anytime.

    Who’s running this?

    Eric Fish, Founder

    I’m a journalist, author and podcast producer originally from Kansas City, with stints in Nanjing, Beijing, and NYC. I moved to the Triangle in 2020 at the height of covid-19 after my company told me I could go permanently remote. I was thrilled – the Triangle has beautiful natural scenery, an intellectual vibe bolstered by its several major universities, and a food and beverage scene that punches well above its weight. But when I got here, I got a bit lonely spending day after day at home in front of my computer. With many others pouring into the area and the trend toward remote work accelerated by the pandemic, I figured I wasn’t alone. As a relative newbie in town, I started this group as a way to check out new cafes, restaurants and other interesting places and meet other cool remote workers to hang out with in the process. Now it’s me and about half a dozen other organizers hosting events all over the Triangle. You’ll see me at our outings wearing a yellow shirt.

    Brooke Safferman, Director of Community Engagement/Recruitment

    I moved to Raleigh in the summer of 2022 and can’t wait to live here for the rest of my life! My career background has been primarily in the field of investigations (both as a crime intelligence analyst and private investigations), but I’m currently loving the remote college professor life teaching cybersecurity to the next generation of cyber sleuths. When I’m not busy insisting that you take the Myers-Briggs personality test (in order to psychoanalyze you against your mortal will, of course…), I’m either happily getting lost in a bookstore, playing the ukulele, journaling in the company of an iced oatmilk hazelnut latte, or going for a walk in nature.

    Get in touch

    Have any questions or suggestions, write to us at durhamremote1 (at) We’d love to connect with anyone interested in becoming an event host to help increase the frequency and geographic reach of our meetups. We’d also love to hear from you about any sponsorship or collaboration proposals.


    Event policies

    We intend to have an open, welcoming, and safe community for everyone and will not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, or hate speech on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender expression, national origin, ancestry, disability, or sexual orientation. We further will not tolerate harassment of any kind or any inappropriate behavior at our events, in our Slack community, or in private exchanges among members. Members are encouraged to report such behavior to the above email address. We reserve the right to disinvite violators from any future events and permanently remove them from the email list, Meetup group and Slack workspace.